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Teacher-to-Teacher Webinar Series: Spring 2017

View the monthly professional development webinars created for, and presented by, Secondary Education world language educators.


Interculturality: Where Language and Culture Meet
Presented by Ken Stewart

Want to expand you understanding of interculturality? Curious about ways creative strategies can broaden the cultural perspectives of you and your students?

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Classroom 3.0: Personalize, Engage, and Integrate
Presented by Linda Zins-Adams

Interested in expanding your understanding of personalized learning through technology? Want to develop activities that allow students opportunities to create and take risks in the language?

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Every Day's an IPA
Presented by Norah Jones

Eager to understand the five key elements of an Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA)? Looking to learn ways to identify simple, available resources that can form the basis of brief IPAs?

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Seal the Deal: Be #2bilit2quit
Presented by Linda Egnatz

Want to expand your understanding of the "State Seal of Biliteracy" movement? Want to develop simple yet creative strategies to move students from novice to intermediate in the target language?

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