A+ Spanish Science Literacy Kits Digital Samples

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K–5 Spanish Science Literacy Kits include an array of nonfiction and fiction titles aligned to national language arts and science standards—each with teacher notes and activities designed to help students develop science literacy!

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¡Viva la Tortuga! Sampler by Georgina Lázaro León with Teacher Notes & Activities


The turtle in this story will take us on a journey necessary for the survival of her species. With her, we will cross the ocean until we reach the beach where she will lay her eggs. From her efforts, many new little turtles will grow up and continue the cycle started by their mother. This beautiful and poetic story will help readers understand the importance of protecting endangered species.

No soy floja Sampler by Georgina Lázaro León with Teacher Notes & Activities


Our body is always buzzing with activity, even when we are not doing anything! Our cells, tissues, and each one of our organs and body systems work in perfect harmony to fuel us with energy and keep us healthy.