Part 3

You Can Be in Two Places at One Time: Dual Modality Teaching and Learning - Remote Plus Face-to-Face (1 of 2)

Join us—Tuesday, July 14th at 3pm EST

Webinar Presenters:

  • Colleen Ebacher, Towson University
  • Kate Grovergrys, Madison Area Technical College

In this two-part series, we explore multimodality teaching and provide practical insights to assist instructors in creating effective hybrid courses (face-to-face, synchronous remote, and asynchronous remote). In part I, we define hybrid teaching and learning, consider benefits, challenges, and best practices and present a framework for designing a multimodal course.

Our Presenters:

Collen Ebacher: is Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies at Towson University, Baltimore, Maryland. She has taught all levels of Spanish language, Spanish for the professions, translation, courses in Latin American literature and studies as well as experiential and service-learning courses. Having spent more than twenty years in a traditional classroom, she made the leap in Spring 2020 into the virtual teaching world. To her amazement, she discovered that-like many language teachers-she had acquired valuable technology-friendly skills over the years that she continues to develop for teaching in Fall 2020.

Kate Grovergrys is a Spanish professor at Madison Area Technical College in Madison, Wisconsin. In her current position, she has developed and taught introductory, intermediate and advanced Spanish courses in a variety of formats including face-to-face, hybrid, online and accelerated. Prior to teaching at Madison Area Technical College, Kate taught Spanish at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Lourdes High School in Rochester, Minnesota. She holds a B.A. in Spanish from Valparaiso University in Indiana, and a M.A. in Spanish Literature & Linguistics from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. In 2012, she became certified as an online instructor when she completed the E-learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate at UW-Stout. She is passionate about language teaching and enjoys fostering an engaging learning community in her classes.