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Combine Existing Assessments

NEW! Starting this spring, you can leverage any existing quiz, test, or exam content from any lesson within the same program to create new assessments by quickly searching and importing the questions you want. 


Assessment Builder Student Title Edit

For custom assessments, teachers can now edit the title that students see. Student facing title will be visible on the student dashboard, activity shell or Assessment TOC page. 

Assessment Builder New Interface

The controls for adding content to the assessment TOC have been updated. In place of the “Add Content” drop down menu, it has been split into the two options: CREATE NEW and MY CONTENT. Enterprise schools will be able to choose from "My Content" or "Shared Content".


Randomize questions per student

You can now assign each student a unique version of the assessment by choosing “Randomize per student” as you assign the assessment. When it comes time to grade, the teacher view presents questions in the order you saved them.

Create a New Assessment

Tired of using the same tests and quizzes every semester? Put your own assessment questions to work by creating a new assessment, and assign it online or hand it out in class.  


Use Your Assessments Anywhere

A test that’s created on the Supersite doesn’t have to be delivered online. teachers can now print custom assessments, which includes the ability to save as PDF or deliver in-person as needed.