Conference Location Date Session
OFLTA Norman, OK 9/17/22 Quiet Quitting: Let Vista Lend a Hand, Chemins à Thèmes: New Pathways to Proficiency in French & Multiple Senderos to Proficiency in Spanish
KSWLA  Manhattan, KS 9/23/22 ACTFL Core Practices in the K-5 Language Class
AZLA Tempe, AZ 9/24/22 Making the Most Out of Multimedia
WIDA Louisville, Kentucky 9/28/22 Equitable Biliteracy and Languaging Practices in the EL Classroom
FFLA Kissimmee, FL 9/29/22 The Power of CommUNITY Uniting People through Interculturality
CATESOL Pasadena, CA 9/29/22 Accelerating Foundational Literacy
IWLA Ankeny, IA 9/30/22 See, Think, Speak! Building a Path to Spanish Proficiency through Thinking Routines


Conference Location Date Session
WFLTA Casper, WY 10/6/22 N/A
FLAM Saint Louis, MO 10/7/22 Let’s Get Interpersonal!
FLAVA  Williamsburg, VA 10/8/22 Cultivating Interculturality through Student Reflection: A primary goal of language learning is to cultivate intercultural competence
FLANC Durham, NC 10/8/22 Now We’re Talking!
SETESOL Richmond, VA 10/12/22
Accelerating Foundational Literacy &
Bridging Oracy and Oral Language Development
WAFLT- COFLT Portland, OR 10/13/22 A Thematic Approach to Diversity and Inclusion
PSMLA Lancaster, PA 10/13/22 Engagement Reclaimed: Strategies to Motivate & Build Language Learning
ICTFL Naperville, IL  10/13/22 Getting back to Proficiency- How do we move students from novice to intermediate proficiency?
TABE Houston, TX 10/13/22 Secondary Spanish options for students from K-5 Dual Language Programs

Get Your English Learners Ready: From Day 1 to Fluent
DECTFL Newark, DE 10/14/22 Not One More Thing on My Plate! Have you ever uttered those words?
CT COLT Hartford, CT 10/20/22 Cerrando brechas y abriendo caminos: “I speak Spanish, pero me cuesta escribirlo.” How many times do we heard that from our heritage speakers?
MFLA Maryland 10/20/22
TFLA Allen, TX 10/21/22 Cerrando brechas y abriendo caminos: “I speak Spanish, pero me cuesta escribirlo.”
Liverpool, NY
10/21/22 Sealing the Deal-Implementing the New Standards for Checkpoint
SSTESOL Virtual  10/21/22
Language and Literacy: Rescue 101

Unleashing the Superpowers of Your Secondary LTEL’s
WAESOL  Des Moines, WA 10/22/22
NILA Crete, NE 10/22/22 Empowering Spanish Speaker Students to Become Independent Learners
IFLTA Indianapolis, IN 10/22/22 Technology-Enhanced Instruction for Authentic Communication Practice


Conference Location Date Session
La Cosecha Santa Fe, NM  11/2/22
Accelerating Foundational Literacy Through Focus, Measurement, Support, and Accountability

Bridging Oracy, Oral Language Development, and Academic Language Development
WAFLT, Wisconsin Appleton, WI 11/3/22
CI + A As the Central Intelligence in Your WL Classroom
IFLTA  Indianapolis, IN 11/3/22

NYS TESOL White Plains, NY 11/3/22 Equitable Biliteracy and Languaging Practices in Today's Classrooms
MFLA-MS Oxford, MS 11/4/22
Texas TESOL  Houston, TX 11/4/22
MCTLC St. Paul MN 11/4/22 Building a Culture of Curiosity: Driving TL communication through cultural exploration.
TFLTA Franklin, TN 11/4/22 7 Engaging Speaking Activities to Hook Gen Alpha Learners
NJEA Atlantic City, NJ 11/9/22
Ohio TESOL Columbus, OH 11/11/22 From Day 1 to Fluent
CoTESOL Denver, CO 11/11/22
Dakota TESOL Fargo, ND 11/14/22 Bridging Language, Literature and Academic Content Areas
MELEd Saint Paul, MN 11/17/22 Using Authentic Spanish Literature to enhance Oracy and Meaning Making Through Small Group Instruction
ACTFL  Boston, MA 11/18/22
Caring for the Whole Child: SEL Practices in the Elementary Language Class

Authentic Audio: Scaffold the Experience and Celebrate Student Success!

Afro-Francophone Identity: Expanding Your Instructional Repertoire

Developing the three Modes of Communication in the AP Language Classroom
NCTE Annual Convention Anaheim, CA 11/20/22



Conference Location Date Session
I.M. Texas Galveston, Texas 12/11/22