February 2023

Conference Location Date Session
CCFLT Aurora, Colorado 2/2/2023 See, Think, Speak! Building a Path to Spanish Proficiency through Thinking Routines
EBMA Paradise Island, Bahamas  2/6/2023 N/A
JNCL-NCLIS Virtual Advocacy Days  Virtual  2/8/2023 N/A
CCRIA (Colorado Reading)  Westminster, Colorado 2/9/2023 N/A
Californians Together BCN Luncheon Sponsorship  Long Beach, CA 2/16/2023 N/A
Hawai‘i TESOL Laie, Hawai‘i 2/19/2023 N/A
SWCOLT/UFLA Salt Lake City, Utah 2/23/2023 Cerrando brechas y abriendo caminos: “I speak Spanish, pero me cuesta escribirlo.” and Getting back to Proficiency- How do we move students from novice to intermediate proficiency?
PNCFL  Virtual  2/24/2023 To Come
VADLEN  Chesterfield, Virginia  2/25/2023 N/A

March 2023

Conference Location Date Session
NECTFL NYC, NY 3/2/2023 What does engagement look like in a world language classroom? and From Input to Output: Making Authentic Culture Comprehensible
CATE Monterey, California  3/3/2023 N/A
OFLTA Edmond, Oklahoma  3/4/2023 To Come 
KYTESOL  Louisville, Kentucky

3/24/2023 To Come 
CSCTFL Columbus, Ohio 3/9/2023 What does engagement look like in a world language classroom?
State English Learners Alliance Salem, Oregon  3/9/2023 N/A
IRC Conference Springfield, Illinois 3/9/2023 Exploring Pedagogical Advantages Using Culturally and Linguistically Related Texts
FLAG  Augusta, Georgia  3/10/2023 The Power of Mindfulness and SEL in the Learning Process
MABE  Hartford, Connecticut 3/11/2023 To Come
CLTA (California Language Teachers' Association) Visalia, California 3/15/2023 Temas y AP Spanish: Amor a Primera Vista and Unpacking the California State Standards-Culture
TESOL Portland, Oregon  3/21/2023 Accelerating Foundational Literacy and Using Student-Centered Communicative Activities to Build Confidence and Increase Language Acquisition
NYCESPA Brooklyn, New York 3/25/2023 N/A
FLAME  Portland, Maine  3/28/2023 N/A
NYSABE White Plains, New York  3/16/2023 Meeting the Needs of Heritage Language Learners in the Spanish Classroom
FLENJ New Brunswick, New Jersey 3/17/2023 Not One More Thing on My Plate!
NHAWLT Concord, New Hampshire 3/24/2023 Windows, Mirrors, and Sliding Doors: Inclusive Teaching in the Language Classroom
CABE Long Beach, CA 3/22/2023 Supporting ELLs with SLA through Self-directed Speaking Opportunities
SCOLT/FLAVA Mobile, Alabama  3/23/2023 MOBILize Your Language Classroom for Generation Alpha
CLTA (Chinese Language Teachers Association Annual Conference) Washington, DC 3/31/2023 N/A