Rizzing to the Challenge: Best Practices for the next Gen in World Language Education

Monday, March 11, 2024 at 7:00pm EST

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In this dynamic virtual presentation, stand out presenters, Christen Campbell and Justin Seifts, will share proven strategies about how they bring in contemporary icons to hook their students while using the target language. They will share how targeting student interests can be used as a springboard for deeper engagement and an opportunity to discuss more complex issues such as inequalities, gender identity and race. Attendees are guaranteed to come away with resources that will add some rizz to their next class.

Essential Questions:
• How can teachers increase student engagement by bringing in contemporary culturally relevant icons and continue using the target language?
• What proven instructional strategies can be used to promote using the target language and highlight student’s interests?

Session Outcomes:
• Participants will learn to identity opportunities to bring in icons that inspire our students into their curriculum and further connect them to someone else in the target community.

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